MENA Research Partners (MRP) is a research and consultancy outsourcing company offering customized business intelligence and analytics to corporations in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) region.

Our services focus on the following topics: economic research, sector research, market research and financial research in addition to data analytics.
Our products include: feasibility studies, primary and secondary research reports, market surveys, publications & white labeled thought leadership articles and newsletters, conference presentations, roadshow & pitchbook preparation, financial modeling and valuations support, strategy idea generation & news monitoring, database building and access to a large pool of library resources.
Our regional coverage spans across the GCC, the Levant and the North African countries.
Our team of analysts come from the most renowned institutions, such as leading consulting firms,investment & commercial banks and asset managers.
Our offices are split between (1) Dubai where our business development platform sits, (2) Beirut where our consultants are based and (3) Cairo where our survey & market research team operates.
Our client base is made up of financial institutions, non-financial private companies and governmental entities.


To be the leading research & consultancy outsourcing firm to a renowned group of corporations in the Middle East & North Africa region


To provide business intelligence & data analytics to corporations expanding in or entering into the MENA region


To provide value addition to our clients’ business model

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