Our Data Analytics Approach

MRP’s data analytics capability represents a major milestone in covering the whole chain of data processing, from the most simple & structured databases to the most complex and unstructured data

MRP has developed its in-house ability that combines human talent with technology to provide the most sophisticated data analytics to its multi-industry clients

Our data scientists utilize leading market software tools in addition to our own algorithms in order to cater to the diversified needs and expectations of our clients

The Overall Structure of Data Analytics

Data Platform

What & how is the data?

Descriptive Analytics

What happened?
What is happening?

Diagnostic Analytics

Why did it happen?
Why is it happening?

Predictive Analytics

“What will happen if”?

Prescriptive Analytics

“What should we do to”?

Pre-emptive Analytics

What can we do
or change more?



Sophistication & Business Value

Raw data

  • Data warehousing
  • Data assessment
  • Data cleansing


  • Reporting
  • Dashboards
  • Scoreboards
  • Real-time analytics


  • Cause & effect analysis
    (where should we look?)
  • Correlations
    (Why did it happen?)
  • Behavioral analysis


  • Regressions
    (What is the pattern?)
  • Forecasting
    (What will happen next?)


  • Optimization
    (what is best action?)
  • Simulation
    (what if we try this?)
  • Decision modeling


  • Preventive actions based on descriptive, diagnostic, predictive & prescriptive
    (what if we take action?)

Assessment, Selection & Implementation of A Data Analytics Tool: