Throughout their experience and track record in covering domestic and regional trends, events and developments, our team of economists developed an in-depth knowledge of MENA’s fundamentals and dynamics.

From data mining to analytics, we support our clients with quantitative and qualitative research support services.

  • Data assignments: MRP screens, gathers, filters and produces detailed client-specific economic indicators, profiles and infographics for the MENA countries, in addition to all types of benchmarking against global economies. Also, MRP builds dedicated databases for its clients, being maintained and updated either by our teams or our clients.
  • White labeling: MRP produces, on behalf of its clients, periodicals and thought leadership articles, for their internal circulations and/or for public usage. These analytical and data outputs are often used for informative purposes vis-à-vis the public or their own clientele.
  • Updates & Newsletters: MRP circulates to its clients periodical notes on pre-agreed specific countries, themes and developments. They form an integral part of their overall decision-making and strategy formulation in their respective geographies and areas of coverage.

Our economic support services are tailored to the end-usage of our clients:

  • Financial and non-financial private institutions: Larger corporations, with a well-diversified and established presence, increasingly integrate macro dynamics into their models, as they weigh the economic implications of their different activities. MRP works with them in identifying, tracking, modeling, analyzing and assessing the overall operating environment.
  • Governmental institutions: MRP supports public entities throughout their economic policy cycle and processes. From basic data filtering to the most complex analytics, MRP has a track record of executing projects for local and regional ministries and entities as well as global organizations.