Our sector services combine desktop work with a field/survey capability, putting us on top of other peer providers in generating highly-reliable micro information. Our approach intends to fill the large regional gap in terms of data and insights.

Desktop research

  • We cover an extremely large number of sectors and niche segments throughout the MENA countries.
  • Examples of our sector coverage include: food and beverages, restaurants, healthcare, education, retail, real estate, hospitality, FMCG, industry, oil and gas, construction, power and water, among many others.
  • MRP’s team has built an extensive repository of sector work, having identified a wide range of thematic developments in the region over the years.
  • We use trusted, market leading data and analytical resources that include (1) the widest selection of proprietary data providers catering to MENA, (2) the most extensive access to regional and local data sources such as governmental bodies, ministries, statistical centers, and other public trusted sources and (3) an extensive network of sector experts and consultants.

Surveys and fieldwork

  • MRP has developed a widespread market research capability across all MENA countries and cities.
  • We work for the most prominent institutions in MENA: the biggest consulting companies, the largest regional conglomerates, the most prominent family businesses and a large number of private companies as well as financial institutions.
  • Surveys and fieldwork, having become an integral part of our sector research capabilities, help us bridge the large information gap in MENA.
  • Please refer to market research section for more details.